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25th January 2018

(Above) A dusting of fresh greeted my run up the farm track to Aberarder at Creag Meagaidh this morning.

(Above) Coire Chriochairein – with some new and developing cornices on NE to Easterly aspects

(Above) And finally – the road condition report! Some shocking potholes around on the A86 between Newtonmore , Laggan and Creag Meagaidh, paticularly after the recent downpours (someone should write to my MEP about them!) Some big enough to bury a dog – or in this case my 35lt rucksack! I’m sure the council will repair them sooooon………….

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  • Stan Wyladala
    26th January 2018 5:46 pm

    While on the bike you can’t take a risk with puddles as some contain potholes that can swallow you whole.
    And……in 1975 a trench was dug across the road in Iron Acton. It soon collapsed and required bunny hopping. Just before Christmas the council finally fixed it. There is now a hump that gives you free air.
    You couldn’t make it up.

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