Avalanche Poodles

6th February 2009

After checking out the cornice build up (considerable!) our ‘Avalanche Poodle’ remained decidely unimpressed with the days activities – even when the sun came out for a brief period at the back end of the day.

We have had a fair amount of ‘fresh’ over the past 24 hrs and creditable reports from several experienced parties ‘enjoying’ overnight snow holing sorties emphasis the rapid build up of soft slab in ‘Meggies’ high sheltered lee locations.

The bowls at the top of the ‘Post Face’ routes (paticularly to the right as you look up ie the ‘North Post’ end) are well worth giving a miss for a spell – our ‘Meggie’ statistics have been good for some time now!!

Avalanche debris evident in the Inner Coire today and even some happening!

That said the weekend winters sports are there to be enjoyed – careful route selection with buttresses spring to mind and movement on skis is all there to be enjoyed.

If it looks white and pillowed and you start sinking in up to your knees and it’s more than 30 degrees (and you begin to think hmmm?) No, you shouldn’t be there! – You’re shortly to be going for a ride … and the landings are seldom a stand up, shake off and a giggle!

Take care and have fun!

NB. No animals were harmed in the making of this report (if harmed is still politically correct to say)

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