Toilet training

4th January 2013

(Above) This is a toilet.
(Above) This is not a toilet.
Came across a disgusting pile of c**p today with a couple of tissues loosely arranged on/near it, right next to the main path part way up Coire Ardair….Right next to the path, not even 10 metres away behind a boulder or tree where it might be discreetly hidden….no, close enough so that you might accidentally tread in it (shown below).
This particular horror is just 20 minutes walk away from Aberarder farmhouse where SNH built a new toilet for visitor use less than 2 year’s ago. As toilets go it’s a good one (first picture above)…it’s clean, well lit, has copious amounts of bog roll…it’s even got its own heating system!
You can’t miss this particular public convenience because it’s exactly as stated: very public and very convenient. Almost all visiting Creag Meagaidh will have passed right by it…it’s difficult to miss, so please use it. 
Creag Meagaidh is a pretty much pristine place without the usual issues that unfortunately go hand-in-hand with mass tourism in places like the Lakes, the Peak District, or anywhere else in Englandshire. We’re lucky to play (and work) at places like Meggie since it has a string of important ecological designations – not least Natura 2000 (pan-European) & UK National Nature Reserve status – designed to protect it from the depredations of deer (and man). Rant over.
Photographed this morning: Sron a Ghoire massif with the Creag Mhor ridge on the left-of-centre skyline.
Looking pretty mottled now. High plateau cover no now longer complete and the thaw looks like continuing for a few days yet. Minor full depth avalanches can be a feature of our area in sustained warm temperatures.

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