21st February 2013

(Above) SNH Creag Meagaidh have approved funding for a remote webcam to be sited somewhere in Coire Ardair. Slight problem is that the camera requires direct line-of-sight telemetry to Aberarder Farmhouse so they can’t just plonk the box of tricks next to the lochan pointing up at the crags. Managed to ‘scope out a spot for the camera on the dog-leg of Coire Ardair above the sparse mature birch woods. The shot above is what the camera should show. Pretty good! (Caveat: on-a-nice-sunny-day-when-it’s-not-raining-or-snowing-or-blowing……)

(Above) Telephoto shot of Aberarder Farmhouse from proposed webcam location. White farmhouse visible in centre of shot & line of sight established. May be a few other technical issues with the siting of the camera not least exposure to avalanche (though that would make for a brilliant bit of footage…!). Three winter’s ago a monster avalanche trundled down 50m away from the proposed camera site but it was a once-in-150yr event so chances are the location will be fine.

(Above) Beinn a Chaorainn -a recent shot.
(Above) Beinn a Chaorainn. East Ridge on right skyline – a popular Alpine-like mountaineering route.

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