The otter’s pocket.

5th February 2016

Wetter than the proverbial otter’s pocket today. Rained right throughout the morning and into the early afternoon. A fair amount of the recent snow cover at lower levels has diminished but it’s nonetheless still pretty good. (Apologies for the slightly smeary photos but I couldn’t avoid rain getting on the lens.)

Burn snow(Above) The burn in Coire Ardair is running quite full at the moment. Previous more or less complete cover melting back to patches.

Path snow(Above) The ‘find-the-footpath-without-falling-through-into-numerous-burns’ game was quite good fun today! [Dry feet, so I must have won!]

PostF et al(Above) L to R: Raeburn’s Gully, Pinnacle Buttress, Easy Gully & the Post Face today. Very recent wet slab avalanche debris visible immediately below Centre Post. Probably slid earlier in the morning with the onset of rain. Snow and ice still holding up despite the thaw.

Tyre tracks(Above) Don’t often see mountain bike tyre tracks on the main path, at least not at this time of year. Was intrigued to see how far up the partially snow-covered path they managed to get.

Bike and group(Above) Found out that they were part of a Teesside University mountaineering group under instruction, and these two enthusiastic souls were to rendezvous with the advance party who were just about to reach their teaching venue. Seemed to be more pushing than riding! [Main part of the group – visible top left corner of the photo – heading for the prominent boulder at the mouth of Coire Chriochairein. A good safe choice given today’s snow conditions on steeper ground at slightly higher altitudes.]

Bike stash(Above) Bikes stashed in preparation for the return leg.

Bike push(Above) Caught up with them when they were making their way off the hill. Pushing again!

Smile for the camera(Above) The cyclists were absolutely buzzing! Atrocious weather not dampening their spirits one bit, and lots of smiling faces amongst the regular foot soldiers as well. Great to see them having such a good time. [Do they not understand the misery of incessant rain?……..Perhaps this would be the equivalent of ‘slight dampness’ on Teesside?]





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  • Grant Duff
    5th February 2016 5:56 pm

    Interesting choice for a bike ride. An alternative different cycle nearby is up the east slopes of Carn Liath to the summit, in summer of course!.

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