31st December 2016

A86 lay-by alongside Loch Laggan

Just quite what the mindset was that thought it appropriate to offload the above at the roadside, near the Scottish National Heritage site of Creag Meagaidh is beyond me. The beautiful highland setting of a remote lochside in the Cairngorms National Park obviously a blindspot for someone!

Now offloaded and the responsibility for its disposal in the first instance deferred , to whom now does it befall?

Perhaps it should be me –  I’ve driven past it this last week, but then so also have numerous others – including SNH staff at Creag Meagaidh on whose nearby doorstep it has been dumped……

Or should it perhaps be some council department or maybe even down to a committee of the Cairngorms National Park to decide?

Either way it’s pissing me off (if you pardon the pun).

A sad reflection of society today – albeit an accurate one of the day itself!!


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  • Annie le
    1st January 2017 7:35 pm

    We decided we like our avalanche forecasters to have low blood pressure… its now out of sight in the back of my van till I work out where to find a skip! It was full of rubbish too. I reckon most people don’t think. ever. Still, might as well start the year as I intend to go on, carrying other people’s sh**e out of beautiful places.
    Happy New year

    • meagaidhadmin
      2nd January 2017 10:34 am


      Whey hey, well done you!!

      I confess I felt a moment’s remorse that I should have taken the time to do something about it at the time by attempting to fit the damn thing in the boot of my car rather than rant about it. (BTW a van is a much more sensible way to travel!)

      The World needs more Annie Le’s. Sometimes a rant just isn’t good enough is it!?

      Many thanks, particularly for your concerns re. avalanche forecaster blood pressure. New Year’s Eve (one way or another!) certainly tested our various systems at Creag Meagaidh……

      Happy New Year to you & yours

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