Beinn a Chaorainn – a clear the heed for New Year!

1st January 2018

Always nice to get a day away from the maddening crowd  ‘coire’, perhaps I might have chosen my day a little bit better…. Beinn a Chaorainn’s East ridge, pleasant enough in a fresh, cooling breeze and breaking sunshine – although a bit of a wade at times, under fresh snow.

(Above) Beinn a Chaorainn, East Ridge.  A ridge outing, at the very Western end of our ‘Meggie’ patch

(Above) Beinn a Chaorainn’s, East ridge – clearing all the time in a brightening sky. Some small, single point release sluffs,  just about visible centre left of photo. Activity around midday as the sun warmed things up.

(Above) Drifting awaits above 600m – once away from any main track access.

(Above) Any new cornice development, above mainly N, NE and E aspects likely to be weak…NB a straight line navigational route between Beinn a Chaorainn’s North (1052m) and South (1049m) summits likely to end in tears with poor visibility! (take that whichever way you wish…)

(Above) I thought my tracks  the only fresh ones in town, until the odd rabbit crossed my path…..

(Above) ….. wrong! Today’s fauna moment -  my ‘rabbit’ turned out to be an indignant Ptarmigan, disturbed from its chilly nest; might have been even more indignant had ‘The Apprentice’  been with me  – a feet by the fireside day! (‘Wintry on the Tops’ blog from 29th)……  should any out there be following have a passing interest, in any dubious progress!!


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