Wet snow goblins

5th January 2018

Fresh snow to all levels today at Creag Meagaidh – a conundrum for access….

(Above) Wet snow on the path, shortly after leaving Aberarder – Skis on back, not on feet!

(Above) Persistent wet snow showers sticking readily to branches on my ascent through the birch woods – skis on feet!


(Above) …..wrong! I would have done well to have paid better attention to the tell tale soggy footprints!  The wet snow goblins were on me, grabbing at my ankles (or rather the skins) for the rest of the day – skinning on stilts not a good look or an efficient method of egress!

(Above) Towards Coire Ardair – Hmmm – that’s what I thought as well…… not a lot to be seen!

(Above) Pit site today at around 700m. New accumulations were consolidating fairly fast at this elevation, although even here a few failures in the layers were noted – poorer stability above 800m……

(Below) The skis finally justifying their existence on the home run out of Coire Ardair and  back through the birch woods.

Significantly less snow on the trees at this stage a few hours later and in this instance (in the absence of any wind) indicative of the rapid rate of consolidation at this elevation.

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