No path to enlightenment

24th March 2018

(Above) Looking towards the eastern end of the Carn Liath massif from Gaskbeg. Good plateau cover. Skiable snow cover down to 500m on E and SE aspects; less good on traditional windward slopes though. So if you thinking of doing ‘the round’ anticlockwise you’ll be carrying your skis to 650m if taking in Carn Liath summit from Aberarder.


(Above) Looking towards Sron a Ghoire from Kinloch Laggan. The A86 was busy with ‘soft-roader’ 4x4s and Sport Utility Vehicles (A misnomer? I can’t for the life of me identify any ‘sporty’ characteristics in these behemoths) this morning. Must mean Easter is nearly upon us?


(Above) Bright this morning with some warmth in the sun. Showers from midday onwards bringing some snow to the higher reaches of the hills.


(Above) Coire Dubh today. Cornice debris from a day or so ago litters the base of some of our steeper NE to SE aspects.


(Above) A low slung rainbow in Coire Ardair just ahead of the blustery showers which passed through the area. Follows almost exactly the course of the main path in Coire Ardair. Deeply symbolic? It’s definitely not illuminating some ‘path to enlightenment’ and I can assure you there’s no pot of gold at the end of that particular path/rainbow. Because if there was, it would have long since disappeared into my rucksack and I would now be lotus-eating in some faraway exotic place and not taking photos in the rain & sleet at Creag Meagaidh. I digress..


(Above) …back on topic. Glide cracks starting to open in the ‘usual places’ on Sron a Ghoire below 800m. No real threat at the moment but another sign of spring perhaps.


(Above) Way out West from Loch Laggan beach. A shot snatched between the showers this afternoon.






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  • Stanwygladala
    24th March 2018 10:51 pm

    I wrote to the Guardian this year to say that although I comprehend almost everything about rainbows E.g. the reason for the various angles, why some are “double”, I don’t know how far away they are. There were some interesting answers explaining that they were optical illusions (I bloody knew that, you idiots) no-one could give a satisfactory answer. But… chap from Northern Island had actually driven through one. He was not alone in the car, so had witnesses, and said the vehicle filled with a wondrous light. It is just possible that it was a truely unique experience.
    I shall try to recreate it this year, if we ever get any sunshine, in the garden, with a hosepipe and the help of my granddaughter.
    P.S. Any update on the well-being of the canine apprentice?
    P.P.S, Has it been a great season?

    • meagaidhadmin
      24th March 2018 11:30 pm

      Stan, you are a polymath. Your talents are unbounded.

      I paid a pastoral home visit to The Man Who Must Not Be Named (canine enthusiast/owner) and had a spontaneous and slightly overwhelming greeting from said hound. In fine fettle it would seem but I’m sure its master will give a fulsome report soon.

      The winter season here at ‘Meggie has been long and unrelenting. Meant to have more mellow weather in March but winter just doesn’t seem to want to let go. Musn’t grumble though. A snowy winter is a good winter after all.

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