The wrong places.

1st March 2018

(Above) Coire Chomharsainn – a wide coire carved into the southern side of Sron a Ghoire. Part of the Creag Mhor ridge also in shot.

The easterly airstream and shower activity means we have to go hunting windslab in the ‘wrong places’ at Creag Meagaidh at the moment.  The ‘usual places’ here are any steep slopes which face North, NE, East, SE and South – all of which are our avalanche frequent flyer aspects. We don’t have the same number of west-facing slopes/gullies steep and sheltered enough to trouble us with frequent avalanche activity, since the wind rarely comes from the East. Having said that, areas where new windslab is present or will be building would include the following:-


(Above) The above map comes with a strong health warning. It is a selection of locations where new windslab is likely to be in place, or building, on steeper West aspects. There will be a few others.  All quite high – above 900m. We have a published ‘Moderate’ avalanche hazard at the moment.

I visited #5 on the map yesterday. #3 & #4 are popular ski descents into the Moy Corrie (coire). #1 is much frequented by those en route to the summit of Creag Meagaidh but can be outflanked by taking a higher line up onto the plateau and easier angled ground.  #2 is definitely Terra Incognita and generally only visited by ML training and assessment groups.

Personally, not a proponent of avalanche – or hazard – mapping. In general, I’m against it, but it does serve a minor purpose in this instance where we’re able to highlight a few of the more obscure locations not often affected by windslab. It’s not going to be a regular feature on the blog!

Stability is excellent where there are expanses of exposed firm, or hard, snow-ice. The ground remains well frozen at all altitudes.


(Above) Creag Pitridh. Some light snow showers came through on the Easterly wind. Snow was drifting at lower altitudes but only really accumulating on sheltered ground above 900m.


(Above) Loch Laggan and its snow covered beach. A snow shower drifting in from the East this afternoon.

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