On dating a supermodel.

5th April 2018

Working here is like having a long term relationship with a supermodel. The searing good looks and knockout glamour are a no-brainer, of course. Everyone understands that & everyone’s incredibly envious. Less well understood is dealing with the constant craving of attention and the swift and unpredictable mood changes. Plus the unrelenting draining of one’s physical resources.

Occasional intrusive media interest has its challenges, too. (Although I think I’m the paparazzi?). And then there’s the stormy, unfettered outbursts. High maintenance? I think so!

You can have too much of a good thing. But I’m not looking for a divorce just some respite. A little ‘space’ in the relationship, maybe some distance too. It’s been a long winter. Everyone’s a bit tired. Spring normally brings some mellow weather with opportunities for low key ski touring and such like. But winter just won’t let go. The demands for attention seem to be unceasing.

It’ll pass. No counselling necessary. Time heals and selective memory kicks in. Come November I’ll be looking forward again to the visual feast and the excitement exploration of those intimate (wintry) places inspires. We’ll kiss and make up.

Until the next time.

And so it goes.


(Above) Centrefold


(Above) Page 3?


(Above) Throwing its toys out of the window. Cornice triggered dry slab avalanche in Coire Chriochairein today. Constant drifting up high, though milder (warmer) down low in the sun.


(Above) Petulant outburst. A second avalanche in the same coire, this time a natural Size 2 dry slab.


Normal service resumes..


(Above) A day of contrasts. Booting up on corn snow on previously scoured South-facing slopes. Easy, fast travel.


(Above) Deeper, newer snow (of which there’s plenty) was a bit of a plough though.


(Above) Looking south east towards Aberarder, Loch Laggan and beyond, from Coire Chriochairein.





Comments on this post

  • Jonathan Eden
    5th April 2018 10:27 pm

    Will this winter ever end? Some stunning photos from all you SAIS boys and thank you for providing them.
    Us English folks just watch and drool over the everlasting conditions it seems. Hoping for more of the same next winter.

  • Stan Wygladala
    5th April 2018 11:57 pm

    Great blog. Thank you for the views.
    Typical 60’s conditions or is my memory playing tricks with me?
    However, as I have said before, we did ice climbs on Bowfell Butress at Easter back then.

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