Wintry reprise, with more to come.

2nd February 2020

Game of two halves today. Cold & frosty to start, then a little wintry from noon onwards.

(Above) Early doors. Overcast but quite frosty underfoot at glen level. Looked a bit different later; thin cover of fresh snow at all levels by the afternoon. (Photo credit: SR)


(Above) The mid-section of Raeburn’s Gully before the snowfall commenced. (Photo credit: Chris Bulman)


(Above)  Richard Hazelby negotiating a narrow section of snow-ice in Raeburn’s Gully, here with free water running underneath it. (Photo: Chris Bulman)


(Above) The usual exit out of Raeburn’s Gully just as the weather started to turn. Little if any new build up here today but deep and more extensive weak windslab (+ some cornice development) expected to feature in this particular location on Monday. All principal low grade gully lines are just about complete at the moment but the old snowpack is pretty wasted & patchy at lower altitudes. (Photo: SR)


(Above) When the sky merges with the ground. Horizon just visible here on the plateau. Raeburn’s Gully party navigating to Creag Meagaidh summit. (Photo: Chris Bulman)


(Above) The all important map & compass for operating on the plateau in marginal visibility. Old school technique – no GPS in use here – and an essential skill because you’ll need it when your GPS batteries die on you…..and they always die just when you need them, don’t they! (Photo: Chris Bulman)


(Above) Creag Meagaidh summit. Better cover of old and (some) newer snow on the ‘Meggie plateau. As you can see from the summit team’s body positions, only light to moderate wind speeds today! Richard Hazelby and Chris Bulman above after wandering around on the plateau & developing that Creag Meagaidh ‘State of Mind’! (Photo: SR)


(Above) Looking towards The Window in the Inner Coire during the latter part of the day. Visibility all but disappeared when the light snowfall kicked in.


(Above) Easy Gully flanked by The Pinnacle/Pinnacle Buttress left and the Post Face right. Lone ascensionist, visible near base of photo, gearing up in preparation for a daunder up Easy Gully. The crags looked quite wintry but there was no ice build up anywhere today, although the gullies had reasonable to quite good snow-ice.

Fair amount of snow in our forecast for overnight and during the day on Monday.



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