No such thing as a dull day.

9th March 2020

(Above) Can it be said that there’s never a dull day at Creag Meagaidh? (Editor: You might say that but I’m keeping my own counsel on that particular issue.) Wasn’t expecting much, given the mildish temperatures, leaden skies (but mercifully dry overhead conditions) this morning. Widespread single point releases in Coire Chriochairein (above) piqued my interest.


(Above) Not such a dull day after all. A couple of full depth avalanches on Pinnacle Buttress – the one sandwiched between Raeburn’s Gully and Easy Gully. The release zone denoted by the yellow box for the slightly larger slide. Not that surprising given recent milder temperatures at low altitude + the amount of snow on the innumerable steep benches on the crags in upper Coire Ardair. Both slid out from around 800m some time this morning, I think.


(Above) Some recent cornice debris, too, just to the left of Bellevue Buttress in the photo.


(Above) Relatively mild temperatures meant the boot packing up to the Min Window was in moist soft snow up to and beyond 950m. The forecasted cooler temperatures and snowfall didn’t kick in until some time after midday. The more or less complete panorama of the crags of upper Coire Ardair today.


(Above) Visibility declined just as some light snowfall started as I was exiting the hill. Looking down from the Min Window towards Aberarder and Loch Laggan.


Expecting some overnight wet snow instability as the freezing level rises to 1400m. Cooler with some snow showers and stronger winds later in the morning.

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  • Mehmet
    9th March 2020 6:42 pm

    I was in the upper corrie early this morning and there were two more avalanches of a size not far off the Raeburn’s Gully one in the Inner Corrie, plus additional minor ones like the right-hand one in your photo underneath the Post Face. We got to the lochan around 0800 this morning and the various debris were already there; we assumed they were a few days old but didn’t go up to have a close look and I’m not that experienced at judging these things yet.

    We had hoped things would be frozen enough to climb but it was raining at 750m and +2°C so we turned around and walked out. I saw you at the car park but I couldn’t grab your attention to say hello. You’re right, it was definitely more interesting than expected.

    • meagaidhadmin
      9th March 2020 8:49 pm

      Ah, so it was you guys in the white van!
      Definitely a more interesting day than I thought it was going to be when setting out in the car park.

      Thanks for your comment, Mehmet.

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