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19th December 2020


The Scottish Avalanche Information Service would recommend that those wishing to enjoy the winter mountains refer to Mountaineering Scotland and Scottish Government advice regarding Covid-19 and outdoor activities.


(Above) Paucity of snow very clear in this shot of the eastern end of our patch. Shot taken from Laggan, left to right: Coire nan Gall, Coire Dubh and Coire a Bheinn


(Above) Only marginally better snow cover here high in Coire Ardair.


(Above) L to R: Raeburn’s Gully, Pinnacle Buttress, Easy Gully and the Post Face. As you can see, water aplenty running down the Post Face.


(Above) The Window, the high bealach above the Inner Coire, very bare indeed.


(Above) Small full depth avalanche from Bellevue Buttress at 1000m in Coire Ardair. Slid some time in the last 48hrs, I think. Size 1 running out 60m or so. This sort of minor activity is more typical of late season (April/May) when we have sustained mild and/or wet conditions…which of course is what we’ve had for quite some time during this month.


…meanwhile, in Japan..178cm of snow in 48hrs courtesy of La Nina:-


(Above) I’ll save you the effort of Googling that ‘had to eat snow’ strapline. I played the video in the link and no big drama (really): a fit and very healthy-looking truck driver caught in a Japanese motorway snow snarl up eats some snow.  Not exactly world news.  Journalists, eh!


Looking quite wintry at Creag Meagaidh on Sunday. We’ve 16cms of snow in our forecast, most of it falling in showers. The usual health warning applies here regarding shower activity. Predicting/modelling shower activity is very difficult for any given place so we may get 16cm, or more, or less. Snowfall associated with frontal activity is a much easier proposition for the Met Office to deal with.




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