Slightly Clearer Friday

5th January 2024

A slightly clearer day than yesterday. The freezing level was around 1000 metres, dropping slightly during the afternoon.  Other than a few cases of very small avalanches of steep crags the snowpack is generally stable. Today the snow was generally damp, but I suspect that tomorrow it might start to form a firm crust (and all the fun that that entails).

The view across the loch in Coire Ardair. The surface temperature of the loch was +1.8°C. I am not sure what temperature the water at the bottom of the Loch would be, I am not even sure how deep the loch is. Water is most dense at a temperature of around +4°C, my feeling it that it would be around that. If any wild swimmers would like to investigate either query, then would be interested to find out.

A closer view of the Post Face. A bit of ice has formed, and although obviously on it good nick yet it is a start and should hopefully improve in the colder conditions expected over the next few day.

The inner coire. Again a bit of ice there already, hopefully more will form in the cooler conditions expected over the next few days.

Looking South-East from the Inner Coire to the North Side of Sron a Ghoire. There tends to be a bit more snow on Northerly aspects than on Southerly aspects at the same altitudes. This is not surprising given generally Southerly winds which were blowing when the winds came.

Comments on this post

  • Mike K
    5th January 2024 3:32 pm

    Thank you for the good level of detail.

    • meagaidhadmin
      6th January 2024 2:59 pm

      Glad you find it useful. Hopefully there will be a bit more ice to photograph next time I am back that way.

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